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Welcome to my personal webpage!

     Back in the 2000s, I found time to write a few mystery novels and to write a few songs. I went around to mystery writers' conferences for a time, became a member of Mystery Writers of America, and enjoyed learning more about writing and the publishing industry. Aside from enjoying the process and completing a few novels and short stories (one which was recognized in a competition), nothing was published. That ended up being good since I had a lot going on in my life and in the 2010s got married and started fostering youth. God worked a lot on me again during these years, as He has through all of my life. In addition to sharing my novels and short stories, I found time (and platforms) to record my songs and share the lyrics here, too. (I have a YouTube channel now. That's weird.) I also started compiling the mathematics and business knowledge I have gleaned over the years into Udemy courses and have included those links here as well. Feel free to check back from time to time. God has been good, I am walking with Jesus, and the Spirit seems to not be quite done with me yet!

Check back periodically to see how my website changes.

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