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     When Morgan Jensen arrives back in town, Patrick Newman and his clique of friends gear up for some wild times again; that is, until Morgan gets bashed in the head and everyone wonders who may have held a grudge from the past. Since Patrick is a lawyer with a prestigious San Francisco law firm, his friends, particularly his lover, encourage him to investigate the case, even though he does not practice criminal law. When one in their group is implicated in the murder, Patrick steps forward to help out and starts delving into the past.

     Morgan had been the gay manís ďgay manĒ or so Patrick had thought until he began discovering the different beds in which Morgan apparently rested his head. The more Patrick learns of Morganís history, the more he realizes how little he had known about his friend and of Morganís plain disregard for the impact he had on othersí lives. While another friend from the past shows up and begins to challenge Patrickís assumptions about sexual orientation, Patrick has to wrestle with the possibility that Morganís death is not just simply a hate crime but may be based on a simple prejudice, one like his own.

     Special thanks goes to Erika Anderson who provided many helpful comments on the legal profession.

This novel is in its revised draft stage. It is finished and has undergone revision. Until I have an agent, it will remain in revision.

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