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Working with the Editor

     As you may have guessed, you have reached an area about which I know little. I do know that you can contact an editor directly, but for many larger publishing houses, you will need to work with an agent to get your manuscript noticed. As I get closer to this part of the process, I hope to learn more to include here.


     One little piece I have heard about are galley proofs. Galleys are initial copies of your novel that the publishing company prints out for proofreading and copyediting. A set of galleys are made for two purposes: to make corrections before the final layout is created; and to provide them as advance reading copies to reviewers, magazines and libraries to prepare for final publication. As the author, it is important to make all final corrections and changes that you want made to your work about to be published at this galley stage. Once the novel moves beyond this stage, it is very costly to make additional changes.

     Check back here in another year or so. Maybe by then I will know more!

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