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     When you send your manuscript to the right place in the right format, you increase your chances of moving to the next stage in the process. I have heard many irritating--and humorous--stories from agents and editors about submissions that did not follow their guidelines--guidelines that are easily accessible (see Research Resources to the left). If you are serious about getting your novel published, you want to minimize the frustration level of the agent and editor that want to help you. Find out how the agency or publishing company wants the manuscript submitted and do what the guidelines state.


     Another part of doing the research involves networking. As with every industry these days, the people you know and the contacts you make will many times get your further than the work you do and the person you are. This is not to say that your work is not brilliant and that you are not a wonderful person; it's just that the people making the decisions about your novel do not know you. Look up national writers' associations and sign up to attend their conferences. The more you can get yourself to these, the more encouragement you will receive from fellow writers, and the more and greater opportunities will come your way. I gained a huge boost when I attended the Killer Nashville conferences and Murder in the Grove, and I plan to attend Sleuthfest in February 2009.

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